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What is Repping?

Athlete’s will partake in various workouts, while each rep will be turned into a dollar amount that will be donated to help with Student Hunger, Freshwater, Technology and Anxiety while giving a helping hand to the Small Businesses in our communities. Click the button below to see how you can rep in your own way!


Spread Anxiety Awareness

Goal: Partake in Rep Your City in Newburgh, NY as a business to help raise awareness for Anxiety.

People/Businesses Involved:

Name: Marissa Spoto

Role: Host

Reps: TBD

$ Raised: TBD

Name: SNUG

Role: Anxiety Participant

Reps: TBD

$ Raised: TBD

End Result:

Spread awareness throughout the Hudson Valley and other communities for anxiety.

My Bucket

  • - Mike V
  • - Jason P
  • - Stuart D

Lifetime $1,250

Current $0 / Goal $1,000



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