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Chest for Breast

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What We Are Doing

For the entire month of October, we at Get Right Results will be raising awareness of breast cancer through our fundraiser, Chest for Breast. We’ll be doing this in 3 ways. 

If you come visit us at location, you can do any chest related exercise, such as a bench press or a push-up, and for every rep you complete, our sponsors will donate $1 to the cause. 

We will also be interviewing people in our communities who were affected by breast cancer personally to get their story to help raise awareness about breast cancer and how people can help fight it. 

Lastly, all proceeds from signups here at will be donated to the cause.

Where We Are Going

Our goal for the month is to raise at least $30,000.

How We Will Achieve

We will work with local communities, local businesses, and sponsors to help us achieve our goals of raising awareness for breast cancer. For our part, each week we will be working with our communities, businesses and individuals to participate in chest exercises to raise awareness. 

Every Monday we will announce our plans for the week, and every Friday, and on the 31st, we will be giving an update on the progress of the fundraiser.
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